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Art of Screenwriting

Liseth Correa Hubbard disscusses the art of screenwriting: history and present influences on film, television, and streaming services today.

Bloody Maria Web Series

Director, Co-creator, and Co-writer Iris Almaraz answers questions about her new web series and inspiration.

FAQ about Treatments

What, How, Why & When to write a Treatment

The end of "The OA"

We look at Brit Marling's instagram farewell letter for fans of "The OA"

"Apollo 11" Riveting Minimalist Documentary

Jonah Carlisle Phillips reviews "Apollo 11"

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Jonah Phillips reviews "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" the new period film from director Quentin Tarantino.

"1917"-Film Review

Jonah Phillips reviews "1917" the new period film from director Sam Mendes.

Parasite + Knives Out + Uncut Gems

Jonah Phillips reviews "Parasite," "Knives Out," and "Uncut Gems."