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What is a Treatment?

The plot in prose form.

Depending on the person this may be a short synopsis or a detailed outline.

Why write a Treatment?

Treatments will help writers outline their screenplays, and will help producers learn about the story without having to sit and read the entirety of the screenplay.

When to write a Treatment?

Since the treatment is similar to the outline it will help to write the treatment while writing a lengthy screenplay, and to keep revising the Treatment while the screenplay undergoes revising and editing. For longer works, starting a Treatment after writing 120 pages might be a tempestuous task. So, begin writing the Treatment as soon as possible knowing you may have to revise while editing the screenplay.


How to write your Treatment?

Treatments contain:

-Working title

-Writer’s name and contact information


-Key Characters

-The story in prose form, including all three acts and major turning points.

Length will depend on how detailed the reader would like the treatment.





-Famous Actor References

-Weak adjectives

-Famous Director References

-Famous Movie References