“the end of #theoa,” Brit Marling began the caption to her letter for fans of “The OA.” Marling, co-creator of the Netflix show “The OA,” finished the caption with an apt reference to the show, ““🐙🍷😭🙏🏽🔑”- last text to Grandma Vu.”  The text refers to one of the characters Michelle, who sent the emojis as her last text to her Grandma Vu before disappearing. Now, it appears that “The OA” will not be able to communicate with the audience anymore since Netflix has cancelled the show after two seasons.

last text

On August 5, 2019, Marling, wrote in her Instagram letter,  “...first time I heard the news I had a good cry” and continued to share her motivation for world building, and how after deep reflection she realized science fiction gave Marling the freedom to write a narrative releasing her woman protagonist from limiting and harmful cliches such as the boss woman, poor woman, or cynical woman. 


“I can write about the few women “on top,” but then I am perpetuating the same hierarchies that oppress us…."

"I can write about...women on the economic bottom, but the power of moving images and charismatic actors often glamorizes or perpetuates the very stereotypes the film hopes to critique....”


According to Nellie Andreeva and Denise Petski, at Deadline, “Netflix has a relatively high Season 1 to Season 2 renewal rate (around 80%) but the threshold gets significantly higher after Seasons 2 and 3 as series get more expensive for Netflix and the cost vs. viewership is heavily scrutinized in the renewal decision-making process. The majority of Netflix’s original scripted shows last two or three seasons.”

In her post, Marling stated it was hard to be inspired to write stories with leading women grounded in reality,  but science fiction freed her to create a world where “the collective is stronger than the individual.” and “there is no hero.”

Marling, also, referenced Elena Ferrante, who is a pseudonymous Italian novelist who stated in an interview, “As a girl—twelve, thirteen years old—I was absolutely certain that a good book had to have a man as its hero, and that depressed me. That phase ended after a couple of years.”

In “The OA,” the patriarchal hero is replaced with the bravery of being vulnerable and willing to listen to “the trees of San Francisco and a giant pacific octopus,” Marling created a world where humans could “feel free.” 

Marling expressed thanks to Netflix and expressed her pride which she stated the audience gave her with “Reddit theories you’ve sown, the movements you’ve performed.”

Even now, Reddit users have created more fan theories predicting this announcement to be a marketing ploy because Marling’s character at the end of Season 2 ends in a reality where she is an actress named Brit, and the caption, ““🐙🍷😭🙏🏽🔑”- last text to Grandma Vu.” is believed to be a clue that Marling's character has entered our world.

However, Marling ended her letter by stating that even though she could not finish “The OA” she promised to tell more stories, and referenced the last scene of season 2 which embodied the risk of being vulnerable and leaping into another world.

 “Steve Winchell will be suspended in time in our imaginations,"

 "infinitely evolving, forever running"

"finally reaching the ambulance and OA. With love, Brit”