Rachel wakes up and quickly realizes something is wrong...

We were one of 6 teams given 6 weeks to create a mysterious and suspenseful short film.
Huge thank you to the Dallas Film Crew for connecting all these individuals who wanted to learn about film; also for giving us the prompt of making a mystery suspense short film in 6 weeks.

You can connect with them here:


Oasis Short Film Festival Honorable Mention

Two brothers, who have grown apart, reunite because of an unfortunate event.

Giovanni Vazquez as the Young Little Brother
Dionisio Vazquez as the Young Big Brother
Brad Martin as the Grown Little Brother
Andrew Oliver as the Grown Big Brother
Music by Greg Noblin
Directed, Edited, and Story Written by Luis Vazquez

Dystopian future: the government can kill individuals without consequence. Forcing anyone labelled an enemy of the state, "Illegals," into hiding, and the innocent people are HUNTED.

Made for the Dallas Filmmakers Alliance Flash Film event that screened at
2425 Parker Road, Carrollton, TX on Sunday, September 16, 2018

Six weeks to complete this project.

Directed by Angel Lopez and Luis Vazquez
Writer and Executive Producer Luis Vazquez
Produced by Neha Hule
Director of Photography KC Kelly
Finley Nunn
Jair Robinson
Nicholas Rice
Michael Arite